Trong bài thi PTE Speaking

One of the important tasks in PTE Speaking is Describe Image. This is the section which directly contributes all it’s point to speaking section. Two of the crucial enabling skills which this task need is the oral fluency and pronunciations. It is very difficult to master these skills if you are not native English speaker and these skills take time, lots of efforts and practice to master. However, if you have the proper format for each type of images asked in this section, then you will be able to concur this section and achieve desire PTE score. PTE Sprinters provide all different types of formats here. Practicing with these formats will make candidate fluent and confident speaker. Go through each and every type of formats, sample audios and improve your speaking score. This article also provides a general method to use for this task and other tips and tricks.


Introduction: Introduce image by reading title and type + X- axis, Y-axis unit if needed

Body: only 2 or 3 sentences, ignore key Y-Axis

Conclusion: Conclude the image


  • Keep it simple and cover, highest, lowest point first
  • Avoid umm… uhh…
  • Don’t pause for long between the sentences
  • Try to read units properly and clearly


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