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Retell lecture – Tips & Tricks – Format

All about PTE Retell lecture:

PTE Speaking contains another important task that is Retell lecture. In this task, you will listen audio of 60 to 90 seconds and you need to retell it in your words in 40 seconds. This task contributes points to speaking as well as listening. This is a very crucial task to achieve desire PTE score. However, many PTE aspirants find it difficult to score in this section. This post provides detail information about each and every aspect of PTE Retell lectures such as tips and tricks, do and don’t and format to practice any kind of Retell lecture. Practicing with given format, again and again, will help to achieve fluency and improve pronunciations of the words.

To improve speaking score and achieve desire result one must practice each and every task of PTE Speaking on daily basis.

Here are some of the tips, do’s and don’t while you attain Retell lecture task. Following these will definitely help to improve score and achieve desire result.  Also, use PTE Journal provided by PTE Basic is another tool which can help here to note down the mistakes identified in terms of pronunciation, hesitations, and review on a daily basis so that one is aware of their weak areas and overcome on those.

Tips for Retell lecture

  • Listen carefully and use image/video to generate vocabulary
  • Note taking is key, use abbreviation
  • Write clearly the keywords and use in speech
  • Use 10 seconds to organize the notes
  • Use predefined template which you have used during your practice


  • Listen and take notes for keywords
  • Use format to retell lecture
  • Use 10 seconds to organize your notes
  • Speak fluently and confidently
  • Keep watch at time and try to speak 35 to 40 seconds


  • Don’t false start
  • Don’t ummm… ahhh… while you speak
  • Don’t pause for long
  • Don’t correct yourself

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